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Being caught up in the criminal justice system is no laughing matter, and it must be handled with the utmost caution. My name is Clovis Martin, and I am prepared to defend your legal rights in the Texas courts to the full extent of my ability. When you are facing jail or prison sentencing, high monetary fines, community service and probation or parole, you need a hard-hitting lawyer fighting in your corner.

From the moment I take on your case, I will carefully review every aspect of the circumstances that led to your arrest, including illegal search and seizure, and any other applicable holes in the prosecution’s case. Your future and your family are important to me, and I will fight tooth and nail to get your charges reduced or dismisses wherever I possibly can. My firm is conveniently located in the Tamiro Plaza, just two blocks from the Williamson County Courthouse and the jail. As a Georgetown criminal defense attorney I can assist clients with variety of different criminal offenses, including:

There is more than one element to the crime of assault. Assault may entail intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury to another or, it can include intentionally or knowingly making threats of bodily injury to another person, or it can involve making rude or offensive contact with another person. Assault with bodily injury is a less serious version of assault, whereas aggravated assault is more serious. Read more  about assault.

Under Texas Penal Code Section 30.05, when you enter or remain on another person’s property–whether it is residential land, agricultural land, a parking lot, a building or a motor vehicle–without permission of the owner, you may be charged with criminal trespassing. This is especially the case if a no trespassing sign was displayed prominently or if you had been given notice to leave. Read more about criminal trespass.

Having a criminal record will have negative ramifications on all aspects of your life. Under certain circumstances, you might be eligible to have your criminal record cleared through an expunction. In this case, your criminal history would no longer be accessible to the general public. An expunction might open doors for employment, housing and certain professional licenses. Read more about expunctions.

Juveniles are highly susceptible to peer pressure, which can lead to them making costly mistakes to gain acceptance from their friends. My firm can handle cases involving consumption of alcohol by a minor, vandalism, theft crimes, drug possession, sex crimes and assault among other juvenile crimes. I take a rehabilitative approach to my juvenile cases where I seek to have the courts refrain from harsh penalties and instead consider deferred probation where possible. Read more about juvenile offenses.

Texas has been fighting the war on drugs for decades. With its expansive borders, entire task forces have been created to combat the importation and exportation of drugs in the state. I can handle all types of drug possession charges, including drug possession, delivery of drug paraphernalia, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of a controlled substance. Read more about drug possession.

DWI is one of the most common offenses committed by everyday people. Unfortunately, a DWI can have serious life-altering consequences, such as up to one year in jail and up to $4,000 in fines. DWI in Texas can also encompass consumption of alcohol by a minor, driving under the influence of alcohol by a minor, and driving while intoxicated, as well as driving while intoxicated with a child passenger. Read more about DWI.

When you are on probation, you are constantly living with the threat of going back to jail if you make a mistake. Such mistakes can involve missing a meeting with your probation officer, failing a drug or alcohol test, failing to complete your community service or violating any other term of your probation. If you have violated any of the terms of your probation, you are going to need to exercise your right to a hearing in front of the judge. Read more about probation violations.

Allegations of sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child among, other sexual offenses, can incur serious criminal penalties such as mandatory sex offender registration on a national registry. Sex offender registration will have devastating consequences in every aspect of your life. Unfortunately, sex crimes are frequently based upon false accusations, with no witnesses. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical that you retain a criminal defense lawyer if you want to effectively dispute such allegations. Read more about sex crimes.

Theft crimes cover a broad range of criminal offenses from petty theft or shoplifting to theft by check, theft of service, burglary and burglary of vehicles. How a person is penalized will vary, depending upon his or her criminal history, the value of the stolen item and whether or not the individual used a weapon to commit the crime. There are a number of criminal defense options for those individuals charged with theft crimes in Williamson County, including the Pre-Trial Intervention Program. Read more about theft crimes.

Traffic violations such as reckless driving, DWI, driving while your license is invalid, speeding, and racing add points to your driving record. By paying the associated fine, you are pleading guilty and you may wind up having to pay the state a yearly surcharge for three years in order to retain your driver’s license. It’s important to understand your duties when striking an unattended vehicle, your duty when striking a fixture or highway landscaping and racing on the highway, because all can entail serious administrative penalties. Read more about traffic citations.


Any criminal charge in Texas can result in serious penalties for the accused. Whether you have been charged with DWI or sexual assault, I can provide you with unwavering and dedicated attention. If your loved one or family member is facing criminal charges, I suggest you contact my firm immediately. I have handled hundreds of cases over the years in Williamson and Travis Counties, and in a substantial number of those cases, I have obtained reduced charges, lighter sentences and dismissals on behalf of my clients.

I take a very close and personal approach with my clients’ cases where I try to make myself as available as possible. I will provide you with real and honest answers as well as reasonable solutions to the matters at hand. If your family member is in custody, I am prepared to discuss the case with you and I can meet them in jail. I urge you to contact me directly so we can plan a free, no-obligation consultation where we can discuss the details of your case.