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Being charged with illegal prescription drug possession or another prescription drug crime can be a frightening experience. Many people who have been charged with these offenses have never been accused of a crime before and might not be aware that they have done anything illegal.

Understanding the Seriousness of the Accusations

As the general public has become more aware of the dangers involved in abuse of prescription drugs such as Xanax, Vicodin, OxyContin, Hydrocodone and Percocet, prosecutors have responded by cracking down on illegal possession of these and similar drugs. If you have been charged with illegal prescription drug possession, prescription fraud, prescription forgery or any other prescription drug crime, you could be facing some very serious criminal consequences if convicted.

These charges are often prosecuted along similar lines as illegal drug charges. The accusation can be possession of a dangerous drug or possession of a controlled substance.

Carefully Evaluating All Possible Defenses

Of course, one obvious defense against prescription drug possession charges is that you actually had a valid prescription. The prosecutors might attempt, however, to call the validity of a prescription into question. There are also many other potential defenses—including illegal search and seizure—that a knowledgeable attorney can help you evaluate.


There are multiple criminal defense options available for people who have been charged with crimes in Williamson County. You may qualify for a special program called the Pre-Trial Intervention Program. This is a six-month program that is only an option for first-time offenders. Under this program, you are able to avoid prosecution if you remain law-abiding and follow all the other terms of the program. Additionally, if you are accepted and complete the program successfully, your charge will be dismissed and you will be eligible to expunge the arrest and charge from your record.

One must apply to the Pre-Trial Intervention Program through an attorney. It is a good option for many people, but it’s not for everyone. It is important to have a lawyer review your case to determine whether the prosecution has sufficient evidence against you before considering this option.

I am a Georgetown criminal defense lawyer who will examine all of the evidence in your case in order to carefully advise you on the best strategy for your particular circumstances. I am thoroughly familiar with the methods and procedures of the prosecutors and courts in Williamson County, and I am fully prepared to defend you against charges involving prescription drugs. If you’ve been charged with illegal prescription drug possession or any other prescription drug crime, contact me today to discuss your options.