What is an Expunction and Am I Eligible?

What is an Expunction and Am I Eligible?

Posted By Clovis Martin || 28-Dec-2022

Expunction is a process used to assist in clearing a criminal record. This method can be complicated, and only certain individuals qualify for it. There is a lot of paperwork involved, and occasionally, those attempting to get their records expunged must appear in court. But if you’re successfully able to expunge your record, you can experience the many benefits of having a clean slate. Find out below if you may be eligible for an expunction in Texas.

If you meet certain criteria, you can likely qualify for your record to be expunged. This includes situations such as:

● Your case is dismissed
● Your case is no-billed by a grand jury
● Your case was acquitted
● You were pardoned

There are also certain circumstances that will prevent you from qualifying for an expunction. For instance, if you were granted deferred adjudication. This is a system in Texas that can help to keep your offense off of your criminal record anyway– so you won’t qualify for an additional expungement (you may, however, qualify for an order of non-disclosure. For more information, discuss this with your Texas attorney). Also, if you were genuinely convicted of the offense you’re trying to expunge, you won’t qualify. You need proof that your case was dismissed, acquitted, or otherwise thrown out. If you’re not sure if you qualify for record expungement, an experienced attorney who’s knowledgeable of Texas criminal law can advise you.

Why else would you need an attorney to expunge your record? For one thing, the process is not a simple one. Requiring extensive paperwork and, occasionally, court appearances, the system is not set up to be straightforward. It would be far too easy to miss something on a form, or fill it out incorrectly, and jeopardize the opportunity to have your record cleared. And if you’re at all confused on how the process works or what the criteria is, a professional who is familiar with the law will be a great help.

What are the Benefits of Expungement?

When someone’s criminal record is cleared, many areas of their lives are positively affected. You will no longer have a conviction on your record that police will see when they pull you over for a speeding ticket. You can apply for jobs without worry of what will come up in a background check. This lack of baggage will allow for opportunities you may have otherwise been denied, and it will be as if you were never convicted of any crimes in the first place.

If you believe you may be qualified for a record expunction and are seeking more information, contact an expert Texas expungement attorney and discuss your options. An attorney can walk you through the process, provide counsel, and even appear in court for you if necessary so that your day job or personal life is not inconvenienced. Your attorney is completely familiar with how expungement works, and they’ll save you time and money in the long run, ultimately helping your life to get back on track.

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